Testimonial – Peter, Edinburgh

I ordered gecko glazing to address a chilly flat and it definitely feels cosier now, but the main issue was condensation and associated water damage to my old single glazed window panes. I have had gecko panes now for several months over the winter and the difference they have made to the condensation is ‘night and day’. I no longer need to use my karcher to suck away the drips and the woodwork is a lot less damp. 

Measuring was easy and they fit perfectly first time. If I can install them anyone can and I like the way they are slim and flexible so they fit behind my old fashioned lock fittings. 

I don’t notice them except that they have actually made some older panes look better with a clean white border covering up some discolouration. Visibility through them is perfect. 

Overall I could not be happier with my gecko panes. The cost was really low, especially compared to getting double glazing and it’s a simple intervention to improve my flat’s energy performance.