Testimonial – Lesley, Glasgow

Having restored some original sash windows in my house, over the winter I was noticing a big problem with condensation, and the cold coming from the panes themselves. I had met Gareth at an event and was instantly intrigued by the Gecko Panes.  Previously I had looked into secondary glazed panes, but I found the fact that you couldn’t open and close the windows easily, a barrier.

I loved the idea of how the Gecko Panes snuggly fit into the panes themselves with no hassle in fitting them.  I decided to purchase a Laser measure from Gecko to accurately measure the windows, and placed an order for 4 panes.  They arrived promptly, and were very easy to install.  The most notable differences were the condensation, which I found a huge improvement on, almost no condensation at all. We also noticed the reduction in outside noise, and a loss of heat.  You wouldn’t notice them when in place, they are quite discreet too, amazing value for money compared to double glazing.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gareth and Gecko.