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  • Seamless Design: Bespoke, handmade, clearer than glass secondary glazing that, uniquely, doesn’t obstruct existing windows. Minimal visual impact (you won’t know it’s there) that even revitalises the look of old panes
  • Affordably Cuts Heating Costs and Emissions: Cuts window heat loss and emissions by up to 50%, improving your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), cutting heating bills and improving comfort more affordably than conventional double glazing. Sustainable and environmentally friendly, saving tonnes of CO2 per year
  • Easy, Fast Installation: Easy DIY install in almost any window (including many double glazed windows) in just minutes per pane with no damage to existing windows (great for historic and listed buildings). Safe, lightweight and reusable
  • And More: Reduces noise, eliminates condensation and adds value to your home. Invented and manufactured in the UK (patent applied for). Easy online quote.

gecko PANES

Our patented Gecko Panes turn single glazing into double glazing, or double glazing into triple. They’re unique, lightweight, custom made panes that pop just inside the frames of your existing windowpanes.

By trapping a layer of air, which is a good insulator, they cut heat loss and emissions by half, which is nearly as good as conventional double glazing but at a fraction of the cost and hassle. By keeping your windows warmer, they largely eliminate condensation.

Unlike any other system they fit almost any window, in seconds, with no tools or DIY skill needed. As they don’t damage windows in any way, and are fully removable, they’re particularly good for period properties.

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I am very happy with the Gecko panes. They work well, and have noticed that they make rooms warmer. Condensation on the windows is a thing of the past. It would have been a very big and expensive job to put any other form of secondary glazing on our windows, and this was pretty simple and quick. I tried a single pane first to see how it would look – a sort of try before you commit – and promptly ordered enough panes for four large sash windows. There is a knack to fitting them, but quickly got this after a couple of panes.
Having restored some original sash windows in my house, over the winter I was noticing a big problem with condensation, and the cold coming from the panes themselves. I had met Gareth at an event and was instantly intrigued by the Gecko Panes.  Previously I had looked into secondary glazed panes, but I found the fact that you couldn’t open and close the windows easily, a barrier.I loved the idea of how the Gecko Panes snuggly fit into the panes themselves with no hassle in fitting them.  I decided to purchase a Laser measure from Gecko to accurately measure the windows, and placed an order for 4 panes.  They arrived promptly, and were very easy to install.  The most notable differences were the condensation, which I found a huge improvement on, almost no condensation at all. We also noticed the reduction in outside noise, and a loss of heat.  You wouldn’t notice them when in place, they are quite discreet too, amazing value for money compared to double glazing.I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gareth and Gecko.
We purchased a number of Gecko Panes for a bay window and are delighted with the result. The window area is substantially warmer, to the extent that we can now work and eat comfortably, even in Winter. It's also ended the build up of condensation. The panes themselves are far slicker than traditional secondary glazing, blending with the frame to be almost invisible at a glance. In my opinion, they've actually improved the look of our windows by hiding a messy paint job on the exterior astragals. I'd highly recommend Gecko Panes as a simple but effective solution that offers exceptional value. We've recently ordered more panes for the rest of our flat!
I ordered gecko glazing to address a chilly flat and it definitely feels cosier now, but the main issue was condensation and associated water damage to my old single glazed window panes. I have had gecko panes now for several months over the winter and the difference they have made to the condensation is 'night and day'. I no longer need to use my karcher to suck away the drips and the woodwork is a lot less damp. Measuring was easy and they fit perfectly first time. If I can install them anyone can and I like the way they are slim and flexible so they fit behind my old fashioned lock fittings. I don't notice them except that they have actually made some older panes look better with a clean white border covering up some discolouration. Visibility through them is perfect. Overall I could not be happier with my gecko panes. The cost was really low, especially compared to getting double glazing and it's a simple intervention to improve my flat's energy performance. 
"We are delighted with our Gecko Panes. Even with double glazed panes the windows in our listed cottage were always streaming with condensation. The Geckos arrived and were fitted along with the best Edinburgh snowfall for a decade. But whilst the temperature dropped outside, the condensation problem on the inside was cured! On top of that the panes look good, were easy to fit and cost a fraction of other glazing options."