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Secondary Glazing specifically for timber windows.

Easily installed, obstruction free and energy-efficient insulation, at a fraction of the cost.

secondary glazing

Patent pending design

Delivered in 2-4 weeks

Hand made in the UK

Good for the planet

1000+ Happy customers

Handmade by us for your home.

listed building secondary glazing


Up to 80% more affordable than regular double glazing.

Insulating your home shouldn’t cost the Earth.

Gecko allows you to keep your existing windows while feeling the benefits of double glazing, costing you less time and money.


Lower bills, same charm.

Gecko Panes seamlessly blend in without affecting the appearance of a traditional, wooden sash window. You won’t know they’re there, until you check your bills.

Secondary glazing kit
Double glazing listed building
Secondary double glazing kits


We rely on science.

Gecko Panes trap a layer of air, turning it into a strong insulator, which reduces escaping heat and emissions by up to 50%.

This improves your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) while delivering enhanced comfort and savings.

With a sustainable, eco-friendly approach, Gecko Panes help save tonnes of CO2 annually and reduce noise by 25%.


Gecko Panes fit 99% of windows.

We designed Gecko Panes to slot into almost every wooden sash window.

Our patent pending sponge surround means each pane is fully removable and installed without drilling any holes for additional fittings or clips, preserving the look for heritage homes.

DIY double glazing

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Why Gecko?

Gecko Comparison





Gecko Panes


Heat loss reduction


Noise reduction

Within minutes

No tools

Zero damage

Traditional Secondary Glazing


Heat loss reduction


Noise reduction

Several hours

Toolkit required

Permanent fixture

Meet Gecko

At Gecko, our mission is to tackle emissions head-on. In the UK, 26% of emissions come from homes. We believe reaching net zero requires making home greening easy, affordable and stress-free.

Ready to go?

It’s easy to book a survey

Our survey expert will visit your property to measure your windows and answer any questions on the spot. We will then send you a quote for a professional installation. Simple.

DIY installation

Feeling productive? You can even install Gecko Panes yourself. Measuring your windows for Gecko Panes is easy, and once you’re done, simply contact us or place your order online.

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