How to Measure

Measuring for Gecko Panes is easy, but if you live in the Edinburgh area we can do it for you. Contact us to enquire about this service.

You can also download and print these instructions: Measuring Instructions

Measuring for Gecko Panes is quick and easy, and small measurement errors or warped windows aren't a problem as the sponge surround adjusts for them. You should still try to be as accurate as you can.

To be suitable for our panes, a window’s frame must meet the glass at 90 degrees and be at least 12mm deep where it does so.

Previously we advised using laser measures, but they can be surprisingly inaccurate. Tape measures tend to be better.

For panes with sides less than 70cm long, we need the width and height of the visible glass pane, measured at frame mid-points, NOT the top or bottom, nor at the sides.

Midpoint measurements

For panes with longer sides, we need the width measured a third of the way from the top and bottom, and the height measured a third of the way from each side. i.e. we need two measurements of width and height in case they differ. This helps avoid measurement errors and ensures a good fit in larger panes that are a bit 'wonky'.

Big pane measurement

To measure well:

1. Give each window pane a title, such as “living room bay window bottom left”.

2. Check there is 11mm between the glass and frame furniture such as handles or sash closers (a 5p piece is 18mm). If there isn't, click here for guidance:

Check for clearance 11mm

3. Use a quality tape measure, such as a Stanley Tylon (available here). A 'top reader' measure makes things even easier, and can be bought from our website here.

4. DON'T measure by squeezing the tape into the corner between frame and glass. Instead, note the length of the tape measure body, which is often printed on it. If not, use the tape itself to work it out. You don't need to do this with a top reader measure.

5. Place the end of the tape against the frame on one side and pull the measure body to the other side. Hold the tape as near to the end as you comfortably can to minimise flex in the bit beyond your reach:

Width with tape

6. Note the measurement shown while the measure is in place, then, if using a normal tape measure add the length of the measure body (with a top reader, just take the visible reading). Don’t remove the tape before noting measurements, even if it has a lock, as the tape will often slip.

7. Do the same for the height, placing the measure on the bottom of the frame:

Height with tape

8.Take each measurement twice or ask someone to check your figures, especially for 70cm+ lengths. If unsure, purchase a single Gecko pane initially to see how well you’re doing.

9. Input measurements onto our website. Click here to order.