About Gecko Glazing

Meet the Team

Gareth Claase (Founder)

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Twenty five years ago, I failed to get the grades for the mechanical engineering degree I wanted to do. Otherwise I’d be designing wind turbines by now, or something. Instead, I switched to economics, which is harder to fail at (I know, because I had a very good crack it), and got a job at a bank. It turned out that banks weren’t actually very interested in economics, so I did a variety of jobs, badly, at various banks, leaving each one just before they found me out.

So, I was a frustrated engineer, erstwhile economist and a hapless banker (strictly speaking, a hapless ‘risk professional’ thank you very much), but I was also passionate about the environment.

And what do frustrated engineers that are also erstwhile economists and (etc. etc.) do? They invent new kinds of secondary glazing.

Reducing emissions from the UK’s poorly insulated housing has always interested me. The problem was that home greening measures are too expensive, too disruptive, or both, but it’s a problem we have to solve to achieve net zero emissions.

Take our own lovely, but chilly and leaky, single glazed sash windows. Upgrading with conventional double glazing was expensive and would send the originals to landfill; cheaper alternatives were ugly, very hard to install or didn’t work well.

After years developing my alternatives, in 2019 I asked my wife if I could ditch my well-paid job because I wanted to commercialise my idea. She said “We’ve two young kids, a big mortgage and your job is cushy, so suck it up, princess.” Or rather, that’s what she should have said. Instead, because she’s wonderful, she’s supported me all the way. And here we are. We hope you find our Gecko Panes make your windows warmer and your energy bills cooler. See our FAQs for more on how they work.  Thanks for reading.

Kristina Mciver (Business Development and Production Manager)

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I'm Kristina Maciver, an MA Sustainable Development (with Social Anthropology) student at the University of Edinburgh. My passion for the environment and sustainability has been prevalent from a young age, with even being the head of the Eco Committee in primary school. It gives me great pride as we see the planet struggling more, to be working with Gecko Glazing to make a dent in reducing emissions.


About Our Company

At Gecko Glazing, we want to help make any window warmer easily & affordably. That's our promise to you. We also want to be the best company we can be. We're a Living Wage employer, and are on a the way towards "B-Corp" status. We minimise wastage in our production process and will ensure that all waste is recycled if at all possible. Any thoughts or suggestions on how we can get better are gratefully received.


We are Scottish EDGE winners!

This competition awards funding to innovative and outstanding start-ups in Scotland, to help them grow. We are honoured to be one of the winners for Scottish EDGE Round 17 in May 2021.

Thank you ECCI and Climate-KIC

Thank you ECCI and Climate-KIC

Gareth Classe

We've been accepted onto the 2020/21 Unlocking Ambition cohort!

Kind Words from Our Customers

"We purchased a number of Gecko Panes for a bay window and are delighted with the result. The window area is substantially warmer, to the extent that we can now work and eat comfortably, even in Winter. It's also ended the build up of condensation. The panes themselves are far slicker than traditional secondary glazing, blending with the frame to be almost invisible at a glance. In my opinion, they've actually improved the look of our windows by hiding a messy paint job on the exterior astragals. I'd highly recommend Gecko Panes as a simple but effective solution that offers exceptional value. We've recently ordered more panes for the rest of our flat!"

Chris, Edinburgh


"I ordered gecko glazing to address a chilly flat and it definitely feels cosier now, but the main issue was condensation and associated water damage to my old single glazed window panes. I have had gecko panes now for several months over the winter and the difference they have made to the condensation is 'night and day'. I no longer need to use my karcher to suck away the drips and the woodwork is a lot less damp. 

Measuring was easy and they fit perfectly first time. If I can install them anyone can and I like the way they are slim and flexible so they fit behind my old fashioned lock fittings. 

I don't notice them except that they have actually made some older panes look better with a clean white border covering up some discolouration. Visibility through them is perfect. 

Overall I could not be happier with my gecko panes. The cost was really low, especially compared to getting double glazing and it's a simple intervention to improve my flat's energy performance."

Peter, Edinburgh


"We are delighted with our Gecko Panes. Even with double glazed panes the windows in our listed cottage were always streaming with condensation. The Geckos arrived and were fitted along with the best Edinburgh snowfall for a decade. But whilst the temperature dropped outside, the condensation problem on the inside was cured! On top of that the panes look good, were easy to fit and cost a fraction of other glazing options."

Donald, Edinburgh


"Having restored some original sash windows in my house, over the winter I was noticing a big problem with condensation, and the cold coming from the panes themselves. I had met Gareth at an event and was instantly intrigued by the Gecko Panes.  Previously I had looked into secondary glazed panes, but I found the fact that you couldn’t open and close the windows easily, a barrier.

I loved the idea of how the Geko Panes snuggly fit into the panes themselves with no hassle in fitting them.  I decided to purchase a Laser measure from Geko to accurately measure the windows, and placed an order for 4 panes.  They arrived promptly, and were very easy to install.  The most notable differences were the condensation, which I found a huge improvement on, almost no condensation at all. We also noticed the reduction in outside noise, and a loss of heat.  You wouldn’t notice them when in place, they are quite discreet too, amazing value for money compared to double glazing.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gareth and Gecko."

Lesley, Glasgow