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How do Gecko Panes affect thermal performance?

Keeping you warm.

Gecko Panes create a trapped layer of air between the inner and outer surfaces. This technique, similar to double glazed sash windows or double glazed UPVC windows, harnesses the permanence of the air layer to not only reduce heat loss but also reduces U-values (thermal transmittance), retaining more heat within the room. Think of it like a winter coat for your windows.

The proof is in the panes.

During one of our installations, we took some thermal images to compare the insulating properties of Gecko Panes versus single glazing.
Insulating sash windows with Gecko Panes
Secondary double glazing diy

Gecko Panes installed on 5 adjoining window panes.

Why is improved energy efficiency important?

Windows are known to be a significant source of escaping heat, especially those with single panes. By adding an extra layer of glazing to your existing windows, you create an insulating barrier that reduces heat transfer. This helps to retain more warmth within the room and decreases the reliance on heating systems, ultimately leading to lower energy consumption and reduced utility bills.

To better understand the benefit of Gecko Panes, the brains of the BRE Group (Building Research Establishment) researched  into the effectiveness of secondary glazing in reducing heat loss. According to their findings, a typical timber-framed single glazed window can retain nearly 48% of a room’s heat when secondary glazing is applied. The window’s U-value, which indicates its ability to transmit heat from a warm space to a cold space, is reduced from 5.8 to 2.8. This substantial improvement demonstrates the significant impact that Gecko Panes can have on energy efficiency.

Wooden sash windows
Secondary window glazing is a highly beneficial investment for insulating sash windows, particularly in heritage buildings. Whether you are seeking to enhance energy efficiency, reduce noise pollution, preserve the original character of your property or address condensation issues, our Gecko Panes provide a practical and versatile solution.

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