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Better insulation means less sound.

Specifically crafted to fit snug within your existing frames, Gecko Panes have a sponge surround serving as the sole point of contact with the window.
By minimising direct contact and reducing the transfer of acoustic waves from the window to the Gecko Pane, our design significantly enhances sound insulation and creates a tranquil environment within any space.

We've done our homework.

Our research shows that Gecko Panes reduce sound by 5.9 dB, which equals a reduction in loudness of 25%.

The science of sound perception.

Sound can be measured and understood through its pressure, and is expressed in decibels (dB). At the threshold of hearing, we have 0dB, while 120dB represents the point at which pain is experienced. Understanding sound requires considering both the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) and the frequency of the sound, as our ears respond to the concept of loudness.
Perceived loudness, in simple terms, is a combination of the SPL and the frequency. Our ears are more sensitive to higher frequencies, making them perceive those sounds as louder. To capture the complexity of sound perception, we use a logarithmic scale. A mere 10dB increase approximates a doubling of loudness, whereas a change of 3dB is just perceptible to our ears.

How sound reduction is measured.

Architects and building assessors rely on the Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating to assess a building’s sound reduction capabilities. The STC rating is a numerical score assigned to different surfaces of a building, such as walls, ceilings and windows, based on their ability to diminish incoming sound.
Essentially, the STC rating is equal to the dB reduction in sound.

Gecko achieves a sound reduction of over 25%.

An example of how we calculate the STC rating:
If we measure the sound transmission outside a window, it will have a 0 STC rating. However, with a single glazed pane, there will be a reduction of 18–21dB, resulting in a single glazed window having a corresponding STC rating of 18–21.
Adding a Gecko Pane to the window will further increase the STC rating by 5.9dB, resulting in a total STC rating of 23.9–26.9. This is a reduction of over 25%.

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