How to install Gecko Panes

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Before we start.

Installing Gecko Panes is easy, but if you live in central Scotland or Greater London, you can book our installation service.


To minimise misting between the glass and your new Gecko Pane on very cold days, make sure your windows are clean and dry before installation. 

If you have time, before installation open room windows, close doors, turn your heating down and allow the room to cool. Skip this step if you like – any misting will disappear as the day warms and the impact is purely aesthetic.

Normally windows need no other preparation, and even frames with poor paintwork work well with Gecko Panes, but it’s always better to maintain windows to a high standard. See our website’s troubleshooting section for guidance.

How to install.

1 Remove the protective films covering your Gecko Pane. This can generate static electricity, so make sure you don’t hold panes near dusty surfaces.

2 Hold the Gecko Pane so that the frame faces the glass. Gently but firmly insert the bottom of your Gecko Pane into the bottom of the window frame, pushing down until the sponge surround meets the frame.


3 Holding the top edge of the Gecko Pane, firmly push downwards and forwards and gently insert the top of the Gecko Pane into the window frame. You’ll have to squeeze it in a bit – Gecko Panes are designed to fit tightly to ensure a good seal and grip.

4 The sponge surround may bulge out at corners – to tidy it up, simply use a table knife to push the bulging surround back towards the glass.

5 Work your way round all sides of the pane, using your fingers to push the frame back in until it touches the glass (don’t push hard against the glass). The Gecko Pane may spring back out a bit, which is fine.

6 Then, while holding the frame against the glass with your fingers, use a table knife to push the outside edge of the entire sponge surround back towards the glass pane. This tidies the surround and delivers a good seal between the Gecko Pane and the window frame.

7 You may have to release air from the cavity to insert your Gecko pane fully. To do so, insert the knife between window frame and surround on one side. Slightly press the sponge against the Gecko Pane frame to make a gap. Gently lean on the acrylic to slowly expel some air, then remove the knife and tidy the surround once more.

You’re done!

You can now forget about your Gecko Panes entirely. If there are any issues down the road, such as misting, condensation, ill-fitting panes, etc., consult our troubleshooting section. And for information about cleaning your Gecko Panes, visit the FAQ section.