How to Install

How to Install your Gecko Panes

Installing Gecko Panes is easy, but if you live in the Edinburgh City Council area we can do it for you if you prefer. See Installation Service.

You can download and print a version of these instructions: Installation Instructions

Installing Gecko Panes can seem fiddly at first, but with practise they can be installed in less than two minutes.

For windows with lots of condensation, Gecko Panes cut condensation by at least 90% immediately, but might leave a persistent small patch of misting. The Gecko Pane is still reducing heat loss, and this patch will go in warmer weather, but if you want to avoid or remove it, see the Dry Room Install section below.

Remove the protective films covering your Gecko Pane. This can generate static electricity, so make sure you don’t hold panes near dusty surfaces.

Hold the Gecko Pane so that the plastic frame faces the glass. Gently but firmly insert the bottom of your Gecko Pane into the bottom of the window frame, pushing down until the sponge surround meets the frame:

Holding the top edge of the Gecko Pane, push downwards and forwards firmly but gently to insert the top of the Gecko Pane into the window frame. You'll have to squeeze it in a bit - Gecko Panes are designed to fit tightly to ensure a good seal and grip:

The sponge surround may bulge out at corners. Simply use a table knife to push the bulging surround back towards the glass to tidy it up:

Work your way round all sides of the pane, using your fingers to push the plastic frame back in until it touches the glass (don't push hard against the glass)! The Gecko Pane may spring back out a bit, which is fine.

Then, while gently holding the frame against the glass with your fingers, use a table knife to push the outside edge of the sponge surround back towards the glass pane all around. This tidies the surround and delivers a good seal between the Gecko Pane and the window frame:

If the pane appears clearly too big and you can't get it in at all, or only using a lot of force, or if the pane is too small (loose and unlikely to stay in place), see the troubleshooting section. Moderate size issues can normally be rectified.

You’re done. Often, you can now forget about your Gecko Pane entirely. If condensation builds up rapidly, see the troubleshooting section. If you do wish to remove the Gecko Pane for any reason, you can do so using the included HTGPRD (High Tech Gecko Pane Removal Device - also known as the wee sucker).

If your window suffers from draughts, see our section on draught-proofing - a quick and easy DIY job.

Dry Room Install

If you install Gecko Panes when your room is warm and the windows have been closed for a while, you might trap warm, humid air in the cavity formed between the window and the Gecko Pane, leading to a small persistent patch of misting. To avoid this, install when the room is colder and the air drier.

To do so, close the door, turn down radiators and open windows until the room has cooled significantly, then install your Gecko Panes. If your heating is on a timer, first thing in the morning before the room has warmed can be a good time to do this.

Caring for your Gecko Panes

Gecko panes will prevent the inside glass surface of your window pane from becoming dirty.

To clean your Gecko panes, it's best to use a micro fibre cloth and a soap and water solution. Avoid using glass cleaning products which contain ammonia, as these may damage the pane.